“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.”

– Donna J. Abernathy, Training + Development Magazine

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Why Educational Advantage?

  • Educational Advantage knows what works! Their team of experts will design a training program to help employees do their job and do it well.
  • Educational Advantage brings more than 20 years of industry expertise, having developed customized waitstaff, bar, kitchen, grocery, and operations training for small, independent restaurants to large, multi-unit restaurant and retail outlets.
  • Educational Advantage can customize eLearning to reflect policies and procedures specific to the business, giving new hires a fully branded experience from the onset of employment.
  • Educational Advantage delivers key messages through a unique and custom design format.

Benefits of eLearning

  • eLearning usually requires from 40% to 60% less employee time than the same material delivered in a traditional classroom setting.
  • eLearning can increase information retention rates by up to 60%.
  • The use of video can help increase understanding of job functions and responsibilities.
  • The use of multimedia can make the learning process more engaging to an employee.
  • Compliance can be tracked and documented for general reporting purposes or for instances such as food safety and alcohol service training reporting.
  • Training can be delivered in a consistent manner to all new hires.
  • Training is readily available and can be easily accessed by new hires at a time of their choosing (but completed within stated timeframes).
  • Pre-interview modules can help weed out inappropriate or unqualified applicants and save on training dollars.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Thorough training can help decrease turnover rates, delivering a positive ROI over time.
  • Customers receive consistent service and a positive brand experience.
  • A customized solution can be developed based on the particular processes of the business.
  • Training can be developed for every function, from the most basic front of the house tasks such as answering the phone to more complicated back of the house functions such as food plating, proper storage, and ordering procedures.
  • Organizations can decrease their carbon footprint and reduce paper usage by not printing training manuals for every new employee.

*Online programs are available for individual employers only.  They are not open to the public.*