Ktrice-Kenneth-McNeill-Key-Trainer-Educational-Advantage-IncKtrice Kenneth McNeill was raised in the Bronx. From a divorced parent household, life was hard growing up, but this didn’t stop him from making goals and striving to achieve them. His parents were his inspiration, even though they weren’t together. They worked two jobs to make sure that he and his sisters had a place to live and food on the table. He was taught at a young age that school came first and everything followed after. “Without education, you have nothing.”

This was what was said to him every morning when he went to school. Having education as his backbone, this helped him to become more confident in his goals and aspirations. He played basketball all throughout middle school and high school, which gave him the discipline that he needed to have confidence in everything that he does. He loves the sport, but more than anything, his life is dedicated to becoming an aspiring role model.

He graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology with his associate degree in marketing, and received a basketball scholarship to Southern Connecticut State University two years after, and was able to play overseas in Italy for three months before hurting his leg.

He would like to use his voice to teach young girls and boys growing up that “failure is not an option,” and don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of reaching your goals.

As program coordinator at Educational Advantage Inc., he collaborates with the supervisors of the work programs to make sure the curriculum is conducted seamlessly, ensure policies and practices are properly implemented for the government funded programs, and helps build positive relationships within the team and external parties and participants.