Environmental Services Training

We will design and implement a training program that fits your needs specific to environmental services positions in the hotel and hospital fields.

Sample program

Cohort 1 is three weeks in length, 12 hours per week. (Either three 4-hour modules or four 3-hour modules.)

Cohort 1 focuses on the soft skill set needed to be successful in this industry:

  • Job readiness and what hospital and hotel employers expect of cleaning professionals.
  • Customer service skills necessary to work with patients and hotel guests.
  • In-depth review of Hipaa Guidelines.
  • Personal and professional development.  Job specific interviewing guidelines.
  • Mock interviews and online application completion.

Cohort 2 is three weeks in length, 12 hours per week, and focuses on contextualized job specific training:

  • Introduction regarding Infectious Cleaning
    • Importance of preventing the spread of infectious bacteria through following proper housekeeping procedure
  • Importance of following procedures for Hospital or Hotel Housekeepers
    • Following safety guidelines for hospital – Most hospitals have eight rules of safety which will take place upon being hired. Hotel specific procedures such as making beds, cleaning guest rooms in allotted times.
  • Cleaning the Occupied Patient or guest Unit
    • Greeting Patient or guest
    • Following Safety Rules
    • A comprehensive list of safety rules will be given
    • Quotas (timeframe for each room)
    • Organization of housekeeping tasks as high and low dusting, wiping, sanitizing floor, trash removal and organizing the room presented
  • Cleaning the Restroom
    • Following safety rules
    • How to prevent the spread of germs
    • A comprehensive list of high and low procedures will be given during hospital training
  • Procedures and training for Carts, Closets, Equipment and Supplies
    • The hospital or hotel will train on procedures for the above and the importance of following the procedures
  • MSDS ( Material Services Data Sheets) and their uses
  • All OSHA Standards and compliances
  • Proper use of cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment
  • Blood Borne Pathogen training
  • Proper receptacles and their uses

Cost: $5,000

We specialize in workforce development programs for the following industries:

Call Centers
Grocery Stores
Retail Outlets
Banquet Facilities
Catering Businesses
Environmental Services
Hotel and Convention Centers
Minority and Female Owned Businesses
Nonprofit Organizations
Property Development and Management
Retail and Wholesale Operations

Training Center Location – 4448 S. State Street. Chicago, IL. 60609

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy: Educational Advantage, Inc. is an equal opportunity service provider and in accordance with applicable law does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, disability, marital status, age or any other characteristic protected by law. This nondiscrimination policy will apply to all services provided for training purposes and job placement services. The company also reasonably accommodates individuals with handicaps, disabilities and bona fide religious beliefs.