“More profits, fewer problems. That’s a promise.”

 Sharon Barson, President, Educational Advantage, Inc.


Educational Advantage, Inc. is WBE certified in the City of Chicago, Cook County and the State of Illinois, DBE/ACDBE certified in the City of Chicago, and a Section 3 owned business.


“Educational Advantage is the best in the business! They offer outstanding training programs that prepare attendees for all aspects of getting and keeping a job. Our residents love participating in Educational Advantage’s programs.” 

— Lisa Young, Resident Services Coordinator, Interstate Realty Management

Sharon Barson, President

A lifelong resident of Chicago, Ms. Barson has extensive experience in opening and managing restaurants and other small businesses in Chicago and around the country. She also functions as a consultant to other local business owners. She started out slicing onions and...

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Brittany Barson, Managing Director

A Chicago native, Brittany is the fourth generation of a Chicago restaurant family. This has provided her with a unique network of restauranteurs, operators, and a wealth of restaurant experts and professionals that she can rely on for support. In 2008, in an effort...

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Ktrice Kenneth McNeill, Instructor

Ktrice Kenneth McNeill was raised in the Bronx. From a divorced parent household, life was hard growing up, but this didn't stop him from making goals and striving to achieve them. His parents were his inspiration, even though they weren’t together. They worked two...

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Irma Amparo-Ortiz, Curriculum Development

Irma A. Ortiz received her B.A. in Latino and Latin American Studies at the University of Illinois in Chicago in 2004. She has been working for Northeastern Illinois University and Chicago Public Schools partnership since 2002 and the United States Department of...

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Maria Kostas, Instructor

Maria Kostas is a natural leader and trainer with excellent facilitation strengths, with an intuitive ability to adapt to the situation at hand. She has a proven ability to develop strategies and implement change, and experience with several aspects of the Hospitality...

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Suzanne Deveney, Instructor, Marketing & Brand

As principal of her own company, Ms. Deveney works with startups and existing companies to develop and refine their brands using a clear, concise voice across appropriate channels and via the right medium. Using more than 25 years of experience, she works with startup...

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Lawanda White, Administrative Assistant

Lawanda White is a competent and results-oriented professional with more than 15 years of cross-functional exposure across Administration & People Management. For Educational Advantage Inc., she: Provides comprehensive administrative support to ensure hassle free...

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